Normas básicas do AeroLogLab
ADS-79D HDBK Aeronautical Design Standard: Handbook for Condition Based Maintenance Systems for US Army Aircraft Systems 2013
DCA 400-6 Ciclo de Vida de Sistemas e Materiais da Aeronáutica 2007
DIN ISO 17359 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Of Machines - General Guidelines (Foreign Standard) 2011
IEC 60812 Analysis Techniques For System Reliability - Procedure For Failure Mode And Effects Analysis (FMEA) 2006
ISO 13374 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines 2017
ISO 17359 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — General guidelines 2018
ISO 18435-1 Industrial automation systems and integration — Diagnostics, capability assessment and maintenance applications integration — Part 1: Overview and general requirements 2009
MD40-M-01 Manual de Boas Práticas para a Gestão do Ciclo de Vida de Sistemas de Defesa 2019
MSG-3 (Maintenance Steering Group) Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development, v. 1 - Fixed Wing Aircraft 2018
SAE ARP 5580 Recommended Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Practices for Non-Automobile Applications 2001
SAE ARP 5987 A Process for Utilizing Aerospace Propulsion Health Management Systems for Maintenance Credit 2018
SAE ARP 6290 Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP): Guidelines for the Development of Architectures for Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems 2013
SAE ARP 6407 IVHM Design Guidelines 2019
SAE ARP 6803 IVHM Concepts, Technology and Implementation Overview 2016
SAE ARP 6883 Guidelines for Writing IVHM Requirements for Aerospace Systems 2019
SAE J1739 Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Design (Design FMEA) and Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Manufacturing and Assembly Processes (Process FMEA) and Effects Analysis for Machinery (Machinery FMEA) 2002
SX000i International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS), issue 3.0 2021